In 2021, we have seen many milestone stories like Bitcoin reach $57K, Corona Vaccine has reached worldwide, Australia bans Facebook and many more.

But does it affect our trading life? Obviously!

During COVID-19, most traders are getting into some major problems (especially newbies). Without proper lessons and a powerful strategy, a trader can fall into a hassle. Also…

The Pros and Cons of Using Automated Trading

The digital revolution contributed a massive impact on the virtual market trading world. Diversification became a thing and online platforms had proliferated to make the lives of the investors more convenient.

Nowadays, investors can simply input words and numbers using their digital tools, and ask online platforms to do this-and-that.

Don Mirza

Hey guys, I’m Don Mirza and I’ve been working on Forex and Cryptocurrency field from a vast amount of time. Financial Author of TopAsiaFX

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